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Florida RV Rentals (Camper Motorhome)

Our Renter's Guide to a Florida RV Rental

A Florida RV Vacation at its Best
Our Philosophy
Be Aware
Questionable Business Practices
Which Florida Vacations are BEST experienced with a RV Rental?
Advantages to RVing

A Florida RV Vacation at its Best

Our Florida RV Rentals - With a Unique Set of Features... a Means to Unique Vacations.

In our Florida RV Rental, you will have all the comforts of home, even in the middle of the Everglades! Enjoy your favorite gourmet food and drink. Get a great night's rest on a quality queen-sized bed. Watch DVD movies. Pack and unpack only once. After an exciting but tiring outing, there is no drive to the motel... you're home! Plus, you are in total control of your vacation schedule... something only possible with a Florida RV Rental.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is that a No Hassle Vacation is the Best Vacation.

What that means is self-evident if you take time to browse our Florida RV Rentals web site. However, it can be succinctly described by this example:

Many fleet motorhome rentals require you to return the RV with the holding tanks empty and the valves open to prove it! (so they don't have to pay Labor $ to check). If you don't do so, you are "fined" up to $125.

We call that hassle.

First of all, we think it is socially irresponsible to force you to drive down the highway with the holding tanks open and dribbling - they will by the way. We know of one person who got a Police Ticket.

Second, to do what other Florida RV Rental companies require presents you with a practical problem. For example, you are maximizing your valuable vacation time. You are making a 2-3 hour trip morning trip to return your motorhome rental on time and race to the Airport. But, you have to stop 2-3 times on the way because your kids need to use the toilet, but cannot because the valves must be open!

So we say use it, keep the valves closed, and we won't "fine" you!

Basically, the difference is that we use our RVs to vacation, so we are "in the same boat" as you. Not many of the people you deal with in the Florida RV Rental Business actually have used an RV to go on vacation.

We are not perfect, but we do believe in the "Pursuit of Excellence".

Be Aware

Cruise America is right about one thing... be wary of the middle-man, broker web sites. They are easy to spot with their check-marked list of "Amenities" (copycatting apartment rentals) with items such as Generator, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Toilet. We know of no Motorhome sold in the USA that does not come with those so called "Amenities" - and most of the rest of the list. At least, they don't claim the Engine and six Tires as Amenities! We spotlight items only where they are important or different to our Florida RV Rental.

Insurance is an example of the problems with brokers... and local small dealers for that matter. The small dealer cannot simply pull any RV off his sales lot and rent it to you. MBA (they provide most of the commercial rental insurance in this country) requires each rental RV 1) to be added to their General policy by paying a monthly fee for that specific RV and 2) carry onboard an Insurance Certificate with the VIN Number for that specific RV. Without both for the RV you are renting, neither you nor the RV are insured. We know of one dealer who was not aware of the above and was sending RVs out uninsured. We suspect the practise is not uncommon, whether by wilful intent or innocent omission. We are with MBA, pay the monthly fee for each RV, and have the Insurance Certificate onboard to prove it! If you are not renting from us or a national fleet rental, ask to see that Insurance Certificate!

Other Considerations:

  •  Some Fleet RV Rentals have Billboards painted on the sides,
    so you can advertise for them on your vacation. Also, you will pay a lot to repair those ads if you scratch them.
  •  Will they show you interior photos of the specific RV they are going to rent to you?
  •  Are you confident the Fleet Motorhome Rental will be clean & odor-free?
    [Hint: RV Rentals don't yet have the same standards as Auto Rentals.]
  •  Is their business focused only on "RV Rentals" or secondary to "Sales & Service"?
  •  Are you, in fact, renting from the "Fleet Rental Company"
    OR a less reliable franchisee of theirs, such as "AAA Tire and Truck"?
  •  Renting a "private" motorhome?
    Does the owner have adequate experience renting RVs & commercial RV rental insurance?

Questionable Business Practices

Some Florida RV renters, who rented from us after Hurricane Ivan (September 2004), related the following bad experiences with several National Fleet Rental companies during the previous two hurricanes (August 2004).

  •  Some person backed into the RV scratching the Large Billboard on the side. Even though insured and not at fault, they were charged $900.
  •  The Air Conditioner failed at the start of a 7 day motorhome trip. They were not allowed a replacement RV, refund or discount.
  •  The RV was delivered with two inner bald tires and two more that needed replacing. The RV was down and undriveable for 4 days getting new tires, yet they were charged for those 4 days.

We don't do business like that and, by Contract, give refunds for any days that the RV is undriveable or the Air Conditioner is not working.

Because of those practices and unclean or broken RVs, we get a lot of renters who won't rent from them again.

What Florida Vacations are BEST experienced with a RV Motorhome Rental?

We suggest these Destinations and Activities are BEST done in an RV (Camper Motorhome):

  •  Any trip that involves a Multiple Destinations and a Lot of Driving. The ability to just stop and take a break or spontaneously change plans is, for us, one of the greatest attactions to Travel in an RV.
  •  Any Outdoor Activity that is some distance from civilization. After the activity, you won't have to drive 30+ minutes to the motel before you can take a shower, have a nap or enjoy some food and drink.
  •  If you want both Disney World Orlando and a camping experience, go to Fort Wilderness in an RV. Disney provides all the transportation to the theme parks that you need. Let the kids "rough it" outside in a Tent, while you have some moments alone. Then, take a few days in the RV to try some side trips!
  •  Any State Park or National Forest. A good balance of Nature with having all your "Stuff" and comforts with you, plus mobility and flexibilty to explore or change your plans. For example, you may decide NOT to drive back to town to a restaurant, yet still have a great meal. And, again, let the kids "rough it" outside in a Tent!
  •  Any Full Day at the Beach. Which is better? The comforts of Home right on the beach or the Public Facilities?
  •  Shopping for Antigues and Collectibles. If one of you is not "in to it", he will enjoy passing the time in the RV! Also, lots of room to bring back your "Goodies" and we will ship it for you.
  •  Any trip that involves a Conflict between a lot People (young or older) and personal Space/Privacy ... and don't forget our "Outside Tent Option" ... something not permissable at a Motel.

Advantages to a Florida RV Rental for Vacation

  •  Flexibility: You invest a lot of time planning your vacation. You know, that with the best laid plans, circumstances beyond your control may lead to a disappointing experience. We have been there, too. In an RV, we have found it much easier to recast plans totally on the spur of the moment.
  •  Pack/Unload only once.
  •  Greater Features... More like Home. Stay at Remote locations, like Ocala National Forest, but with the Convenience of a Hotel. After Swimming, Water Tubing, etc, you can immediately Wash/Nap/Drink & Dine.
  •  A More Reliable, In-Your-Control Vacation.
  •  Your own Preferred Food & Drink at rest stops.
  •  More Romantic. Quieter... More Secluded.
  •  Your RV neighbors are a lot more friendly than Motel neighbors!